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Thrissur Pooram

Thrissur pooram is started two centuries back the then ruler of Cochin, Sakthan Thampuran or Raja Rama Varma, in 1798. Sakthan Thampuran, so known for his firm and decisive administration, decided to break tradition and started to celebrate the pooram festival belonging to his region. Before the initiation of Thrissur pooram, Arattupuzha festival was the largest temple festival, which is around 12 Km from the city. Temples near the Thrissur were the regular participants of the Arattupuzha pooram untile they were denied by the chief of Peruvanam Gramam due to the delayed entry of the Thrissur and Kuttanellur termple. This caused the Thrissur Naduvazhi, the chief poojari of Vadakkunnathan, known as Yogadiripad and the Kuttanellur Naduvazhi started the pooram in Thrissur.This pooram started as an act of reprisal quickly lost its charm, after infighting between the two main Naduvazhis. It required the intervention of the ruler to get this right. Sakthan Thampuran unified the 10 temples situated around Vadakkunnathan temple and organized the celebration of Thrissur Pooram as a mass festival. He ordained these temples into two groups, Western group and Eastern group. The Western group as Thiruvambady consisting of Kanimangalam, Laloor, Ayyanthole, Nethilakkavu and the Thiruvambady temple, as the main one. The Eastern group called as Paramekkavu, consisting in addition to Paramekkavu temple, Karamukku, Chembukavu, Choorakottukavu and Panamukkamppilly. The pooram was to be centered around the Vadakkunnathan temple, with all these temples sending their poorams to pay obeisance to the Shiva, the presiding deity. The Thampuran is believed to have chalked out the program and the main events of the Thrissur pooram festival. It is this historical background that determines the course of the pooram program and it is specifically the ruler's antipathy to the Brahmin aristocracy to open Thrissur pooram for the common man.

Thrissur Pooram Thrissur Pooram Thrissur Pooram Thrissur Pooram Thrissur Pooram Thrissur Pooram

Aarattupuzha Pooram

The famous Ayyappa temple at Aarattupuzha is just 14 kms south of Thrissur town. The 'Arattupuzha Pooram' celebrated on the Malayalam month 'Meenam' (March) is famous and hundreds of elephants participate in this festival ,bearing bright colored umbrellas and parasols, presenting a supreme spectacle. Arattupuzha Pooram is the oldest and the most spectacular of the pooram festivals of Kerala. It is believed that on this day a hundred and one gods and goddesses of the neighbouring villages visited Sree Ayyappan, the presiding deity of the Arattupuzha Temple. Panchavadyam, nadaswaram, pacharimelam and pandimelam add to the festive tempo. The arattu (holy bath of the idol of the diety) ritual is performed with great pomp and gaiety in the arattupuzha river on the following day.

Arattupuzha Pooram Arattupuzha Pooram Arattupuzha Pooram Arattupuzha Pooram Arattupuzha Pooram Arattupuzha Pooram

Festival Calendar

Elephant Pageant


Adoor Gajamela - Pathanamthitta Dist

20 Jan 2016

Pariyanampettu Pooram - Palakkad Dist

20 Feb 2016

Guruvayoor Aanayottum - Thrissur Dist

21 Feb 2016

Chinakkathoor Pooram - Palakkad Dist

22 Feb 2016

Uthralikavu Pooram - Thrissur Dist

01 Mar 2016

Parippally Gajamela - Kollam Dist

06 Mar 2016

Peruvanum Pooram - Thrissur Dist

19 Mar 2016

Arattuppuzha Pooram - Thrissur Dist

22 Mar 2016

Kottakkal Pooram - Malappuram Dist

03 to 08 Apr 2016

Thrissur Pooram - Thrissur Dist

08 Apr 2016

Thutha Pooram - Palakkad Dist

19 Apr 2016

Temple Festivals


Chettikulangara Bharani - Alappuzha Dist

14 Feb 2016

Chottanikara Makam Thozhal - Alappuzha Dist

22 Feb 2016

Attukal Pongala - Thiruvananthapuram Dist

23 Feb 2016

Ambalapuzha Festival - Alappuzha Dist

24 Mar-03 Apr 2016

Aluva Sivarathri - Ernakulam Dist

07 Mar 2016

Thirunakkara Arattu - Kottayam Dist

14 to 23 Mar 2016

Kodungalloor Bharani - Thrissur Dist

09 Apr 2016

Manarasala Ayilyam - Alappuzha Dist

04 Nov 2015

Kalpathi Ratholsavam - Palakkkad Dist

14 to 16 Nov 2015

Parassinikkadavu - Kannur Dist

02 Dec 2015

Vaikathashtami Festival - Kottayam Dist

03 Dec 2015

Guruvayoor Ekadasi - Thrissur Dist

22 Nov 2015

Other Festival


Swathi Sangitholsuvam

06 to 12 Jan 2016

Kuttikkol Thampuratty Theyyam

24 to 27 Feb 2016


14 Apr 2016

Pulikali - Thrissur Dist

31 Aug 2015

Athachamayam - Ernakulam Dist

19 Aug 2015

Onam Festival - All Kerala

28 Aug 2015

Chembai Sangitholsavum

8 to 22 Nov 2015

Kanathoor Nalvar Theyyam


Christian Festivals


Arthungal Perunnal

20 Jan 2016

Palm Sunday

20 Mar 2016


27 Mar 2016


07 - Apr - 2016

Manarcad Perunnal

01 to 08 Sep 2015


25 Dec 2015

Boat Race


Champakulam Boat Race

1 July 2015

Nehru Trophy Boat Race

18 Aug 2015

Arunmula Boat Race

31 Aug 2015

Kumarakom Boat Race

30 Aug 2015

Muslim Festivals


Kanjiramattom Nercha

15 Jan 2016

Pattambi Nercha

7 Feb 2016

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